Intelligent Digital Asset and Data Management Software

Intelligent Digital Asset and Data Management Software contains digital data (photographs, audio files, video clips, corporate documents, PDF, Word, Excel or other format documents, web pages and thousands of extensions), and these data can be archived and centrally business processes It is a software developed for institutions that want to manage and find them quickly whenever they want.
It is a digital data management software application where you can securely share images, graphics, documents and videos on all clients (internal or external) of the institution and share them securely locally or online with your employees.
It can store, manage, share data, Business mind It is a web-based software that can be reported with the help of which it can create corporate memory.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Thanks to the help of images and videos, face detection & recognition (face detection & recognition), data analysis on images and video, and metadata are created and in smart ways search is provided.
Blockchain Software With (Block Chain), it is possible to maximize the security of data. Dataman is a decentralized and distributed data storage and access platform over all your devices in the organization. Safe 3 main and other auxiliary functions: data storage, verifying data with hash value and logging in an unchangeable manner blockchain we offer on. Documents that must be kept strictly confidential, not deleted or changed without permission, required to be transmitted securely to stakeholders, and controlled access will be provided; It is intended to be stored, verified and backed up encrypted.

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Intelligent Digital Data Management Advantages
❖ Search and time
❖ Email
❖ Versioning
❖ Accessibility
❖ Data loss
❖ Ease of data transfer from different locations
❖ Data retention cost
❖ Repeated data waste of time.

Potential Sectors
Sectors such as Universities, Public Institutions, Agencies and Visual media companies, Holdings, Factories, Education, Finance and related departments of these sectors (Press-Archive, Marketing and Sales, Human Resources, Accounting and Finance, Law, Operation, Production R&D, Production and Publishers)

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