Project Management (ISETIA) Software

It is difficult to plan any planning project from the very beginning and to stick to this plan. Many stages, external factors and many variables can prevent you from using time efficiently while executing the project and increase the margin of deviation from the plan.

It allows you to plan, execute and manage the project, cooperate, assign tasks, create new tasks and create reports from project outputs in project-based institutions (both on the basis of management and technical team).
It helps to manage and optimize all processes of the project in 360 degrees and on a single screen. Automates all repeatable processes in the institution or in a project; In this way, it provides better use of resources and increase efficiency. Operational costs and risks are reduced with ISTEIA.

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❖ With the 3P Module, you can run unlimited projects; You can divide your projects into portfolios such as location, size, infrastructure and superstructure; You can create a different program for each stage or task management (infrastructure works, task management etc.).
❖ At ISETIA BOARDinformation systemThanks to the postit logic, you can see all the stages in a project. You can instantly track issues such as who is responsible at which stage of the project, progress percentages, interactive notes with the project team, risks and problems, assign them to any team or person and set a deadline.
❖ With the document module, you can download contracts, designs, approvals, permission letters and all documents in this format. safe somehow you can archive it. At the same time, you can compare, associate the document you want with the project and share it with all stakeholders. You can do document versioning and online editing operations.
❖ With risk and problem modules, you can identify possible risks in the project and initiate a topic to address these risks, develop solution proposals, and assign tasks to teams to resolve risks.
❖ With the budget module, you can determine your budget at the beginning of the project, monitor your budget instantly according to the project progress, and make the system warn in case of exceeding the budget.
❖ Since it is a web-based solution, your corporate communication You can easily follow your projects wherever there is internet and communicate instantly with field teams via ISETIA.
❖ You can view all your projects in 3D on the BIM Viewer, make measurements, take notes on the project image and send these notes to the teams.

References : Birevim, Sigma Engineering, Dubai Metro, Folkart, Yapı Merkezi, Istanbul, Ataturk Airport

Potential Sectors; Finance, Construction, Merchandising, Project Management Offices